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Pricing Guide

Pricing Overview

All footage is licensed as either ‘Rights Managed’ or ‘Royalty Free.’ A Rights Managed license means that a clip is licensed for a single production or campaign and terms are specified for the use, distribution, territory, and duration. A Royalty Free license allows for a clip to be used by the licensee in unlimited productions, allowing for the use of the clip numerous times, without additional license fees. Contributors to the NatureFootage collection determine if a clip is Rights Managed or Royalty Free. The following icons determine the use of each clip: Royalty Free and Rights Managed. Learn more about License Uses.

Rights Managed License Fees

Rights Managed License Fees (rates) are based on the License Use and Terms of the production. Rates are also based on camera format and rarity of footage, so rates may differ from clip to clip. All rates are per second with a 5 to 10 second minimum per clip, unless otherwise noted. For master footage orders, we provide you with the entire clip as viewed online once it has been licensed. If you desire to use more than the per-clip minimum of a particular clip in your edit, the rate is prorated per additional second.

All master footage is available to license online, with delivery available by download, or on any tape format. Lab fees and shipping costs, if any, are calculated separately.

Royalty Free License Fees

NatureFootage offers both a Royalty Free Standard and Royalty Free Extended license. A Royalty Free Standard license covers all uses Worldwide, In Perpetuity, excluding Advertising. A Royalty Free Extended license covers All Media, Worldwide, In Perpetuity, including Advertising. Prices indicated in the Royalty Free category are for clips in their entirety. All Royalty Free clips are broadcast resolution clips, with all footage available for immediate download.

Pricing Calculator

To determine the License Rate for a particular clip or set of clips, click the ‘I’ icon Pricing Guide Icon in the center of the clip thumbnail. The Pricing Calculator will appear in a second pop-up window. Once there, set the drop-down fields for License Terms, Duration Used and Delivery Options. Once all selections are made, the price of the clip will appear in the Licensing Fee field. This same clip pricing structure will be applied to ALL clips you view in Search Results, in the Movie Popup window, and clips in your Cart. Changing the selections in the Pricing Calculator for any given clip will change the pricing for all of your clips. You can order both Rights Managed and Royalty Free clips in the same order. All the clips in a Rights Managed order must have the same licensing terms. If you would like to apply different licensing terms to Rights Managed clip(s), you must create a new separate order.

Pricing Tiers
Contributors select the Price Tier for their clips. The Price Tiers are Budget, Standard, Premium, and Gold. The following icons Identify whether a clip is in the Premium or Gold category: Premium and Gold.


Bulk discounts are calculated based on the number of clips in your order. The Pricing Calculator automatically adjusts for the following bulk discounts unless otherwise stated for a category:

  • >30 Seconds, 10% Discount
  • >1 Minute, 15% Discount
  • >3 Minutes, 20% Discount
  • >5 Minutes, Please Inquire

Bulk discounts are calculated automatically in the Cart. A Non-Profit discount of 10% is available, but this can not be combined with any other discounts.

If you (or your affiliated organization) license large quantities of footage throughout the year, then contact us to learn more about our Preferred Client Discount Program.

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